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Date:2024年3月18日 09:55

Wetouch has been committed to establishing an international manufacturing and sales in the touch display industry. Its high-quality products and competitive prices have won the favor of few top customers, and it has established in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned companies such as Siemens, Canon, Delta, and Weinview.


Wetouch has been relying on its own advantages and efforts to gain recognition and cooperation from more customers from international market. In those days, Wetouch is also honored to announce that it has reached a new high in the Japan touch display industry and has formed a close cooperative relationship with IDEC Cooperation (here referred to as IDEC) from Japan.


IDEC is an automation equipment manufacturer from Japan. It has been committed to providing various solutions that connect people and machines. Its products are not only used in industrial automation, but also in various people's life scenarios. Its business scope is all over the world . It has always enjoyed a good reputation, especially in the field of switches and has always maintained a leading position.


Wetouch and IDEC have been in contact since August 2021, and both parties have always had good expectations for each other's future cooperation. After a series of meetings and discussions on technical issues and other important matters, the two parties continued to deepen their understanding of each other, reached a preliminary relationship of trust, and finally decided to start samples in June 2022.IDEC completed an audit of the Wetouch factory in May 2023 and began mass production in August 2023. In that case, a deep partnership between the two companies was established.At present, the volume volume is about 2,000 units (about $400,000) per month, and more than 30,000 units (about $6 million) per month in the second half of this year.In addition, our top five customers gave us exciting orders for 2024, both of which showed significant growth compared to the same period in 2023.


The official cooperation between Wetouch and IDEC marks another significant development in the field of HMI, and Wetouch has further expanded its influence and visibility in the international market, especially in the Japanese touch display fields


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