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Monthly Record of Safety Production

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Product innovation, novel design and marketing, which are all key elements for an enterprise’s sustainable development , but production safety is most essential, otherwise, great oaks destroyed by nest. Countless lessons have prompted every high-tech enterprise to focus on production and production safety as well, by increasing production safety cost, strengthening safety production regulations and standards.

"Fire Control Law of the People's Republic of China" clearly stipulates that production safety policy is prevention-oriented first, and extinguish combined with prevention. With government guidance, enterprise overall responsibility and staff actively participation, the enterprise has to clear responsibility for safety production and make concerned efforts to improve employees' safety awareness, avoid accident and master emergency measures for safety accidents.

August is the safety management month of Wetouch. The administrative department formulated fire drill and escape emergency plan, and organized all employees to conduct fire evacuation drill and fire extinguisher drill on August 8th.

The alarm is the horn, the bell is the command!  The administrative department has formulated a series of emergency escape plans, including early warning notification, emergency communication, emergency testing and early warning control. Under the organization of the decision-making command group, after the evacuation bell rings, all employees in the workplace shall quickly evacuate from their posts and evacuate to safe areas according to the specified escape routes.  The medical emergency team was quickly put in place to guide the temporary response, emergency rescue, etc.  

According to the fire protection requirements, the administrative department explained the connecting methods of water hose and fire extinguishing key points to the evacuated employees. It enhance staffs safety awareness and teach staffs how to use fire extinguishing equipment.

The team leader explained how to use the fire extinguisher and fire fighting technology to the staffs, and the staffs actively participated in learning and using the fire extinguisher. This fire drill has greatly improved the safety awareness of the staffs and the use of fire fighting equipment technology, so when our company have an accident in the future, prevention, early warning, evacuation, self-rescue and disaster relief, rescue plan system will effectively run.

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