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WeTouch hits A New High-Medical Field in Germany

Number of visits: Date:10/2021

WeTouch projective capacitive touch screen successfully entered the German market. On June 9, 2017, WeTouch began to establish communication with A Top German Medical devices company, After a long process for samples verification and trial orders ,and due to the effort of Chairman Gordon Cai as well as the leadership of GM Lee and the whole wetouch team, WeTouch touch screens have past customers’ all kinds of test and now already running for mass production.

WeTouch is a professional manufacturer of kinds of touch panel like 4 wire and 5 wire resistive touch screen, surface capacitive touch screen, and projective capacitive touch screen.

WeTouch has the Full automated production line, high level quality , full participation in quality control, standardized and systematic management. WeTouch quality policy: honest and realistic, continuous improvement, convenient service and customer satisfaction.

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