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Management is a complicated and tediousdynamic control process. There is no fixed management mode, but there must be certain rules to follow.Violating these rules may cause the enterprise management out of control and suffer economic or credit loss, even lead enterprise collapse. In order to make an enterprise more sustainable and more vibrant, it is necessary to make a set of humanized and rationalized management system, institutionalize and streamline it, strictly implement it, and avoid individual decisions from managers.

In September 2021, it’s the month for system management, Chairman Mr. Cai and GM Mr. Lee both lead the company's management team to conduct an internal audit on the operation and system implementation.

WeTouch System Management Mobilization Meeting in Sep. 2021

On September 2, the company set up the audit team led by the quality system section, with participation of all departments. They conducted a process-based comprehensive audit in related departments, including the rationality and practicality of system documents, and the problems existing during implementation, communication and coordination between departments.They organized a mobilization meeting before internal audit, and specified work distribution of cross audit and some attention points.

Manager Mr. Xue, the management representative and quality department manager, preached the companyphilosophy, emphasizing the principle of "people-oriented, equally valued to social responsibility, mutual benefit and international standardized operation", in order to achieve the quality policy of "honesty and truth-seeking, continuous improvement, convenient service, customer satisfaction", and energy saving and consumption, pay attention to environmental protection and prevention, promote coordinated development, people-oriented, ensure quality, health and safety, promote harmonious development, law-abiding and honest, adhere to the environmental policy of prevention first, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence, to be an efficient enterprise with customer satisfaction and social benefits. With the participation of quality, technology, business, planning, and administrative personnel departments, the audit team went to the basic level to check production control, product process, form completion one by one, recorded the deficiencies, put forward suggestions for improvementand required to correct within a time limit after discussion and modification by the management. The audit team examined the company supplier management system with a survey of qualified suppliers’qualifications, putforward somesuggestions on feedback process of incoming materials from oursuppliers on QVL, ensured to control from the source and find root cause to eradicate disadvantages.

The internal audit team checked the customer communication management procedures and especially put forward suggestions on customer feedback response and rationality of results.

WeTouch Summary Meeting of Internal Audit in 2021

With regard to the audit in administrative personnel department, the audit team conducted a systematic check on introduction system, evaluation system, employment system of “use the capable ones,replace the averageones,relief the incapable ones”, performance appraisal system, training and assessment system. The audit team checked"7S" implementing situation, experienced company reorganization and consolidation personally, put forward some suggestions and requested to rectify within a deadline.

In September review, internal audit team proceeded a comprehensive audit from order review, quote process, production plan management, warehouse management, andnew materialsapplication, new product development, new equipment purchase, financial management system, etc. Various rules and regulations are rationalized fora solid basis for strengthen company management system.

If an enterprise wants to develop, it must constantly review and summarize experience in depth to move forward steadily step by step.

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